Tuesday, September 8, 2009

summers almost gone

It´s been a busy summer and now it´s coming to an end. I´m moving back to Bournemouth next monday, the 14th and my photography studies continue on the 28th of september, as I start a two year FdA Commercial Photography course at AUCB.

Here´s a couple of photos from this summer.

Sande with a fs air over the channel at Vihtavuori ramp.

DISCO! haha, good times. went to Tallinn with the CTRL guys and it was sooo much fun.

Onni. Ollie into a ditch thingy.

Eetu with a stylish frontside kick flip.

Keituri and a sick feeble grind through the whole freaking rail.

So yeah, I didn´t get a job for the summer, but I got to shoot a lot, skate with my friends and enjoy the summer. Even got a few photos published and sold a photo to Brixton. So, not too bad in my books.
Next week: Bournemouth! New Flat, old and new friends and back to studying. 
JAMBO! as my mate Jameson would say or was it lips 2 da floor 

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