Thursday, December 10, 2009

take a picture, tell a story. highlight 5

Found a really interesting website today through prison photography.
Take a picture, tell a story is by Robert Gumbert, who has been documenting the criminal justice system since 1994.
On the website you can find portraits and recorded stories from his two major projects:
"Locked and Found" and "Tales of work".
Here´s a link to Nelson Yee´s story about his life and tattoos from "locked and found" project.

Nelson Yee by Robert Gumbert

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For our Digital Imaging and Studio Practice unit, the theme was "incongruous". And this is what I came up with. Inspired by the original Planet of the apes classic ending...
It was my first time doing anything like this and I quite enjoyed it.
Landscape was shot using a Toyo 5x4 field camera. For the final landscape image, I used to different images from the same location and photographed the statue and person in the studio.
And everything was put together in Photoshop.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grainy fridays, highlight 4

Just finished watching Alien Workshop´s Mind Field video.
Haven´t seen it in a while and it blew my mind, again. such good skating.
I really like how Alien Workshop stay true to their unique artsy style; really grainy super 8 footage and all the weird stuff as well.

Here´s Arto´s part from the video:

And if you didn´t know, Arto knows how to take photographs.

Yeah, I miss skate photography. Haven´t had the chance to take any skate photos in months...

Here´s some photos from last summer. since it´s grainy fridays it´s all b&w.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photography highlight of the week, week 3

Just finished watching a documentary that I found on youtube. It´s called American Masters, Richard Avedon : Darkness And Light.

I found the documentary highly inspirational. It made me realize how much I enjoy photographing portraits and that should be doing it more. Not just portraits, but photography in general on a daily basis.
This documentary definitely gave my week an amazing kick start unlike anything else in months.
Well, maybe the fact that Richard Avedon is one my favorite photographers might have something to do with it, but I haven´t felt this inspired in a while...

Richard Avedon self portrait

Ronald Fischer, beekeeper, Davis, California, May 9, 1981

Here are the links to each part of the documentary on youtube. enjoy...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photography highlight of the week, week 2

I went to New Forest with Mitch and Liam earlier this week to take photos for our Technical Workshop unit. Had lots of fun and I think I got some stuff done for the unit as well.

Also I´ve been paying around with white balance on my 1d mkII and trying to get digital images to look like film. The thing with shooting digital is that I just don´t like the way the photos look like. It just doesn´t have the same feeling as film I think. BUT I kind of like the photo of Mitch above, and I think my digital images are starting to look better. I need to do research a bit more and just take more photos to get it right I guess....

Also Had my Bronica SQ-A with me and took a couple of portraits of the guys.

This image is for our Technical Workshop unit, a figure in the landscape. Shot with a 5x4.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eastbourne, East Sussex

Went to Beachy Head in East Sussex with Jameson yesterday and we took the Toyo 5x4 field camera with us as well. It was super windy, with around 100 km/h wind gusts at some point. Jameson took some photos close to the cliff and I have to say I was pretty scared, because of the gusts. Mature nature was really showing it´s strength.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Photography highlight of the week, week 1

This weeks photography highlight for me was using the Toyo 5x4 large format camera for my DISP unit. The theme for this unit is incongruous ( something out of place ). I hope I spelled it right... So basicly it´s a photoshop unit. Which is good, because I´m not that good with photoshop.

To get an idea of what I´m trying to explain, look at Philip Toledano´s website for some examples.
My idea for this unit was to photograph a landscape of the beach, where a statue of the egyptian goddess Isis has washed into shore and people taking photographs of it. Fairly simple idea, but then again I like simple images.
I really enjoyed using the camera on location at the beach, it slowed down the actual process of taking photographs and made me look at the landscape I was working with and think about what I was doing, instead of just snapping away with my digital camera.
I´ll post some photos as I start working on this project next week.

Another highlight this week for me was using my Mamiya 7 again. I took a couple of photos of my housemates as they were going out. I haven´t used Kodak Portra 800nc before and I have to say that I was very pleased with the results. More photos on my flickr site.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

summers almost gone

It´s been a busy summer and now it´s coming to an end. I´m moving back to Bournemouth next monday, the 14th and my photography studies continue on the 28th of september, as I start a two year FdA Commercial Photography course at AUCB.

Here´s a couple of photos from this summer.

Sande with a fs air over the channel at Vihtavuori ramp.

DISCO! haha, good times. went to Tallinn with the CTRL guys and it was sooo much fun.

Onni. Ollie into a ditch thingy.

Eetu with a stylish frontside kick flip.

Keituri and a sick feeble grind through the whole freaking rail.

So yeah, I didn´t get a job for the summer, but I got to shoot a lot, skate with my friends and enjoy the summer. Even got a few photos published and sold a photo to Brixton. So, not too bad in my books.
Next week: Bournemouth! New Flat, old and new friends and back to studying. 
JAMBO! as my mate Jameson would say or was it lips 2 da floor 

Monday, June 1, 2009

summer is here

First year done with AIB. I studied NC Photography and gratuated a couple of weeks ago with 2 distinctions. I still have 2 years to go at AIB and my studies will continue in september as I start studying commercial photography. I have to say I can´t wait to see my friends again, go skating and taking photos in Bournemouth.

Anyways I´m back in Finland for the summer without a job, so probably my summer will include a lot of skateboarding and photography, which is just what I was looking for. I hoping that I would get a job for the summer, but then again you can´t always win.

Went skating with the dudes last week in my hometown Jyväskylä. This spot was insane, super rough and narrow, but it didn´t seem to bother Keituri at all.
Ollie to fakie with style.
I also shot the same trick on b&w film with my Bronica / fisheye. I´ll try to post it as soon as I get the film developed. Speaking of which I need to get a developing tank and some chemicals, because I left my tank in Bournemouth due to lack of space in my bags. I really don´t feel like paying almost 6 euros for something that I can do for free myself.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009