Monday, May 24, 2010


It's been a hectic two weeks. Working almost every day for 16 hours at my old job at the airport. Feels like I haven't had any life outside of work. But still I can't complain, at least I have a job.
And some good news. Just got a phone call and I was invited to photograph a motorbike tour leaving from Helsinki, Finland and going to Sweden next week with about 40 guys for three days.
So next week, Sweden and bikers. Can't wait.

I'll post some photos when I get back from the trip.

Hmmm, to shoot digital or film?!? That is the question.

Here's some sweet photography from two of my favorite photographers:

Danny Lyon

Mike O'Meally


Liam Ricketts said...

You HAVE to shoot the bikers on film, you have to! take the 5D for back up, but on film would be amazing.

Liam Ricketts said...
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mikkotoiviainen said...

yeah. I'm gonna shoot it on b&w. probably all the riding stuff on 35mm and portraits etc. on 6x6. it's going to be well good! hopefully I can use it for uni later on as well....