Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was photographing my new project again today with my trusty old Bronica and I have to say I was quite excited when I was waiting for my films (two rolls) to get processed at a local lab here in Jyvaskyla.
I knew I had some good shots, because I shot a few sheets of polaroids as well and I couldn't wait to get home, start scanning them, do a quick edit and plan what to shoot tomorrow.
BUT, I felt like kicking myself and drinking a few beers when I began scanning the first image, because they all looked horrible. The shop that I took my films to, messed up the processing and they are all pretty much fucked. So now I have to reshoot everything again tomorrow...
What I learned from this is was when you find a good lab, stick to it and process all your film there, so you won't get any funny surprises like I did today or just process everything yourself. Gutted...

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