Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back to work

It´s been a while, since I last posted anything. I was back home (Finland) for Christmas and New Year and my parents do not have the best internet connection at home, so I didn´t get a chance to post anything the for the 3 weeks I was there. But it was really good to be home, see my family, friends, relax and take some skate photos again. I´ll upload some later on, after scanning everything.

Now I´m back in Bournemouth with shit loads of work and no motivation what so ever. sounds good yeah? I must be stuck on "holiday mode" still. I´ve been really tired for the last 2 days and it feels so hard to start working again. don´t know....
Well, I guess I just have to start working again and stop complaining. After all, we have around 4 months left of uni and I´m going back to Finland again.

HUH. magazine has a interesting interview with one of my favorite (skate) photographers, Tobin Yelland, so check it out NOW! thanks for the heads up Jamo!

Also Cliché Skateboards finally released their new book called Resumé. 320 pages of european skateboarding history with photos, board graphics, art, etc.

Worth getting for sure. I´ve got two other photography / art books from Cliché and I have to say they are pretty damn good as well. All I can say is support Cliché and get it now. I know I will.
Well, I guess it´s back to work...

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