Thursday, January 14, 2010

my dumb luck

Scanned few rolls of photos today from christmas when I was back home in Finland. I think these came out alright.

Eetu Sundvall, Backside disaster at Jyvaskyla indoor park.

Okko Sirvio, Frontside nosegrind. I was struggling with this photo quite a bit. I couldn´t find a good angle for this trick, due to the limited size of the park, so I had to shoot it from behind.

Santeri Kulmala, frontside smith grind. We also went to Räsälä aka the pit after christmas and like always the pit scared the shit out of me.

Still trying to find motivation to get me started for the spring term. don´t know what´s going on, but I´m finding it so hard to start working again. I should be working on my essay right now, but....

SF photographer collective website CALIBER has an interview with Isaac McKay-Randozzi.I really like he´s work and I think it´s worth checking out.
I think it´s time to start taking more photos with my russian half frame camera....

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Liam Ricketts said...

MEHHH SUNNNNNNN i cant understand where i follow your blog, as its in finnish! MEH SUNNNNNNNNN