Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photography highlight of the week, week 2

I went to New Forest with Mitch and Liam earlier this week to take photos for our Technical Workshop unit. Had lots of fun and I think I got some stuff done for the unit as well.

Also I´ve been paying around with white balance on my 1d mkII and trying to get digital images to look like film. The thing with shooting digital is that I just don´t like the way the photos look like. It just doesn´t have the same feeling as film I think. BUT I kind of like the photo of Mitch above, and I think my digital images are starting to look better. I need to do research a bit more and just take more photos to get it right I guess....

Also Had my Bronica SQ-A with me and took a couple of portraits of the guys.

This image is for our Technical Workshop unit, a figure in the landscape. Shot with a 5x4.

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